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PIKON  Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy of PIKON (hereinafter — Privacy Policy) includes information on personal data processing implemented by PIKON (hereinafter — PIKON ). The Privacy Policy explains what and how data are processed when you conclude a contract with PIKON, use services of PIKON  or are otherwise related to our services (e.g., as a receiver of a shipment), visit the PIKON ’s website, participate in our campaigns and competitions, contact us, etc.

This Privacy Policy determines a practice for data collection and includes information on the types of data PIKON is collecting, as well as how the data are used and who access them.

You have a right to control your privacy, and PIKON respects this right. It is important for PIKON to help you in using these rights, therefore, we provide the below information.

Read this Privacy Policy and contact PIKON if you have any questions or comments — info@klenz.lv

The processing of your personal data

The processing of your personal data is performed by PIKON LTD, registration number 50003850981, address Kengaraga street 5-18, Riga, LV-1063, Latvia, as a controller.

We may process the following personal data about the following persons:

  • Contact information (name, surname, address, location, phone number, e-mail address) of a Customer, Sender, and Receiver;
  • Customer’s user account data on the website of PIKON  (username, password, name, phone number, e-mail address, transaction history);
  • Customer’s billing information;
  • In case the indicated Receiver does not receive a shipment, the personal data of the person who receives the shipment;
  • Data of an identity document of the Receiver;
  • Contact information of campaign’s participants and other submitted information;
  • Contact information and other information submitted by the persons who have contacted us (such as by providing feedback, registering a complaint, handing a business card during a meeting or event);
  • Information about the device a.o. you are using to access the website of PIKON ;
  • Other data that you have submitted to us.

We process personal data of

Customer, Sender, and Receiver to provide a Service to the Customer, i.e., to accept shipments, receive payments, perform sorting and sending, implement customs procedures and delivering.

Personal data of participants of campaigns and competitions are processed for a purpose of implementing the campaigns and/or competitions.

Also, personal data of the persons who contact us with an aim to ask questions, solve issues, specify information etc. are subject to processing.

An objective of a customer satisfaction survey is to summarise the feedback and assess the satisfaction of a target group with the services provided by us; thus we are processing the data for this purpose. We use your feedback to develop our services.

We may use the contact information provided within the customer survey to send the required information to you and/or to solve an issue.

We use the data that are collected automatically when you visit the website of PIKON  to improve and adjust the website of PIKON, identify and solve technical and security issues, make usage statistics and for other objectives in relation to the facilitation of our operation.

If you have agreed to receive updates, we use your contact information to send you offers, notifications, news, and other information that might be binding and interesting to you. You have a right to opt-out of receipt of such offers at any time.

We process your personal data for other objectives only after a previous consent is received. According to requirements of laws, PIKON constantly maintains a detailed data processing register that determines the objectives and purposes of the processing of personal data, as well as a legal basis for each processing thereof.

We will forward your personal information only to:

  • Subsidiaries of PIKON to ensure execution of our services;
  • Our sub-contractors that are used in service provision. When using the sub-contractors, we are still fully responsible for the processing of your personal data;
  • Persons and institutions that need the personal data for the provision of the service chosen by the customer (such as insurers, customs, payment agencies). In these cases, we will forward the personal data only to the extent needed for the service provision or according to the requirements set in the law);
  • Persons who, according to law, have a right to request and receive the personal data (such as monitoring institutions);
  • Persons who need data to protect our interests, for instance in cases of complaints and claims that might be filed against us.

For the provision of some PIKON’s services, data processors outside the EU might be used (shipment deliveries outside the EU). In such cases and according to the effective provisions, it is required that the data processors ensure the necessary safety measures in order to provide controlled and safe data forwarding and processing; this is mainly implemented by requesting to sign standard agreement clauses set by the European Commission.

In all the cases, we transfer as small part of personal data as necessary to the third persons for achieving the legal aim of such data transfer. Furthermore, we cooperate only to the outsource partners who guarantee implementation of respective technical and organisational measures so that processing of your personal data would comply with the legal requirements and ensure protection of your rights.

Please note that contact information of a sender is visible to a receiver within the delivery service.

How long we keep your personal data

We keep the personal data for duration that is needed to reach the aim of data processing with regard to the requirements of law (such as a law on accounting) or for duration that is needed to protect our legal interests (e.g., for submitting claims or defend against the claims). We process the personal data that are provided according to a consent until recalling thereof.

How we protect your personal data

To protect your personal data, we implement respective organisational, technical, and physical safety measures.

However, taking into account the specific features of the service, we remind that the data provided in shipment inserts might be visible to the third persons as well.

You have all the rights set in regulation of personal data protection:

  • To receive information whether PIKON  processes your personal data and, if it is so, to request access thereto;
  • To request rectification of inaccurate personal data if they are insufficient, incomplete, or wrong;
  • To receive the personal data that you have provided and that are processed based on a consent or execution of a contract in a written or publicly electronic format, including the right to request forwarding of the data to other service provider;
  • To object against the processing of personal data and request deletion thereof. However, there is no such right if the requested personal data are further processed based on other legal grounds;
  • To restrict processing of personal data according to applicable laws and regulations;
  • To recall the consent to the processing of personal data;
  • To appeal the use of personal data with Data State Inspectorate of Latvia or a court if you conclude that the processing of your personal data violates your rights and interests according to the applicable laws and regulations;
  • To accept or prohibit the use of your data for purposes of direct marketing or marketing.
  • If the personal data are deleted after your request, PIKON will retain only a copy of the information that is needed for protection of our legal interests or those of the third persons or for enforcement of orders of public institutions, settlement of disputes, prevention of issues, or execution of any contract that you have concluded with PIKON.

You may use your rights according to the applicable national laws and regulations and those of the EU.

Personal data in PIKON homepage and cookies

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are saved by a website on your computer or mobile device when you open the site.

How do we use cookies?

The cookies are used to register the information on how you have used our website, for instance when was your last visit of www.klenz.lv/en and what type of information you were searching for. The text file can be read only by this website, therefore, this information is inaccessible by anyone else.

The website of PIKON  use the following cookies:

  • Strictly necessary cookies/ significant cookies that are important for website navigation and use of the user-selected options.
  • Performance cookies that collect information on how users are using the website, such as what entries they visit the most often and what error notifications they receive from the website. The objective of these cookies is to improve the website’s performance.
  • Functionality cookies that allows remembering the selections made by the user (such as font size, other adjustable functions of the website) and identifiers (such as username, language, or the user’s country) to provide more personalised opportunities of using the sites.
  • Cookies for selecting the target audience/ advertisements/ behaviour that allows showing the user a personalised advertisement and performing market research and analysis based on the users’ behaviour and interest data. PIKON may transfer the obtained data to providers of advertising and marketing services.
  • The cookies that are used for media provision and record technical information which is needed to a video or audio material such as image quality, speed of network connection, and buffering parameters.
  • Social plug-ins for content sharing. Many social networks offer social plug-ins that allow users of the social networks sharing the content at their own discretion. Such plug-ins store the cookies on a user’s desktop, and thus the relevant social network can identify the users that contact these plug-ins.

It is not mandatory to enable these cookies for the site to run; however, they ensure better browsing quality. These cookies can be deleted or blocked, however in this case certain options of the site might not work properly.

If a cookie is important for provision of the service that the user has clearly requested, your consent to use the cookie is not required.

The information in relation to the cookies are not used for personal identification of you, and the data about your navigation is under our control. They are not disclosed to the third persons.

The website of PIKON uses also Google Analytics, a network analysis service provided by “Google, Inc” (“Google”). The information which is generated by this cookie about your use of this site (including your IP address) will be sent to “Google” servers and stored thereon. “Google” will use this information to assess your use of the site, collect notifications about site activities to site managers, provide other services in relation to the site activities and use of internet. “Google” may send this information to the third persons, when needed within the framework of law or to the extent the third persons process these data on behalf of “Google”. “Google” will never associate your IP address with other data hold by Google. By using our site, you authorise “Google” to process data related to you. More information about “Google Analytics” cookies is available by clicking here.

How can the cookies be controlled and how to stop receipt thereof

You can control the cookies as desired. You can change cookies’ setting and delete the cookies by using the settings of a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.):

Internet Explorer:  https://support.microsoft.com/kb/278835

Chrome: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95647?hl=lv

Firefox: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/Clear%20Recent%20History

Opera: https://www.opera.com/browser/tutorials/security/privacy

Safari: https://support.apple.com/kb/PH5042

You can delete all cookies on your computer, and majority of browsers can be set up for blocking the cookies’ placement on a computer. However, in this case you will need to manually adjust some settings every time when you visit the site and it is possible that some services and functions fail to run.

Providing privacy in recruitment

When you apply for a vacancy at PIKON, we process the personal data you provide (including the data provided in the attached CV, cover letter, interviews, etc.) to assess your conformity to a relevant position, implement selection procedures and, depending on a situation, to offer a job or apprenticeship.

To be able to assess your conformity to the position, we may contact your education institution and/or previous employers in order to find out your qualification, skills, and professional characteristics. In addition, we would be happy to receive information from your current employer, if any, but this is possible only by your consent. If you agree, inform us thereon when submitting application documents or approve this during a face-to-face meeting.

Who will be able to access your information

We acknowledge that we store your data in a safe and confidential manner.

Your data will only be accessible to PIKON personnel that is responsible for personnel selection, as well as to managers of the divisions that have been commissioned to select the personnel.

IT division of PIKON may access your data by maintaining computer software only to the extent necessary for provision of appropriate operation of the software.

The data submitted by you will neither be used in any other context nor disclosed to other persons.

What is the retention period of your information

If you don’t receive a job or apprenticeship offer after applying for a job, your personal data will be stored and processed one year after the date of receipt thereof for future personnel selection.

If you are selected and sign a contract with PIKON, we will store the selection data according to the term and procedure under which PIKON processes its personnel data; you will receive the relevant information upon starting the job for the company.

What are your rights

You have a right to access your personal data that are processed by us, to rectify, supplement, or update them by sending an e-mail to info@klenz.lv. You may also use this e-mail address to restrict your data processing having a legal basis thereof.

You have a right to object to further processing of your personal data for the purpose of personnel selection and request deletion of your data by sending a request to info@klenz.lv.

Changes in Privacy Policy

Protection of your personal data is important to us, therefore, we regularly review the principles of personal data processing implemented in the company and this Privacy Policy. We have a right to unilaterally change the principles of personal data processing and this Privacy Policy at any time by giving at least two-week prior notice via the website www.klenz.lv/en. If you do not agree to the amendments made, you must stop providing your personal data to us. However, if you continue to provide your personal information after the new amendments have entered into force, you agree to the changes thereto and the revised Privacy Policy is binding to you.

Contact information and request handling

If you have any questions, comments, or complaints in relation to this Privacy Policy or processing of your personal data, contact us by info@klenz.lv or by writing to Kengaraga street 5-18, Riga, LV-1063, Latvia.

The request will be answered in 30 (thirty) days from the moment of receipt thereof. This term may be prolonged if your request is complicated or you have submitted several requests (in such cases, we will inform you about delayed response).

However, if you believe we process the personal data failing to comply with requirements of laws and regulations, you can submit a complaint to the monitoring institution, Data State Inspectorate. More information is available here: www.dvi.gov.lv.

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