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Footwear Sanitiser Products

These Klenz machines are ideal for enterprises – keeping shoes, gloves and other household items sanitised and odour free.

  • These Klenz machines are recommended by chiropodists and podiatrists to control fungal infections such as Athlete’s Foot.
  • This conveniently sized unit sanitises and dries shoes, killing the bacteria that cause odours.

KLENZ Products in Detail:

KS-320 (6 Doors)

Model: KS320

This cabinet has six internal chambers 18cm high.

Product Details

External Dimensions:  W710mm X D450mm X H905mm
Chamber Dimensions: W264mm X D350mm X H180mm
Chamber Height: 180mm
Power Consumption High: 820W / Low 65W

KS-620 H (12 Doors)

Model: KS620 H

This cabinet has 12 internal chambers 25 cm high.

Product Details

External Dimensions: W710 X D450 X H1970mm
Chamber Dimensions: W264mm X D350mm X H250mm
Chamber Height: 25 cm
Power Consumption: High 820W / Low 65W

MS-1000G (Single Cabinet)

Model: MS -1000G

This cabinet can sterilise 10 pairs of wellingtons at once.

Product Details

External Dimensions: W625 X D500 X H1970mm
Chamber Dimensions: W520mm X D400mm X H1635mm
Power Consumption High: 820W / Low 65

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Sterilizing Method

Sanitizing and deodorizing achieved by ozone circulation.


Contaminated air inside the chamber is completely purified through the purification filtering system.

Discharging Moisture

Polluted moisture from inside is purified through the purification filtering system.

Control Display

Running Time and Status is clearly displayed.

Auto Control

Auto processing and auto control functions provide convenient daily repeat functionality.

Convenient self-check-up function

Indicates when filter cleaning is needed to maintain the best condition.

Temperature Controller

The Warm air option at 45C does not damage shoes.

Control Door Switch

Opening the door stops the operation automatically except for the circular fan which continues to purify the contaminated air.

Door Gasket

Air inside the chamber is isolated perfectly by a single silicon gasket without joints.

Convenient Use

Simply connect to the power outlet.

Easy Installation

Plug in and it is ready to use, no ducting is required.

Chamber shelf

Allows for easy cleaning.


Glass door and Lock system

With 15 years of accumulated knowledge and technology, KLENZ company has been the market leader in footwear sanitising products. KLENZ technology is used by conglomerates such as Samsung, LG and Hyundai as well as medical centers, hotels, schools and sports clubs.

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